Exploring You

Most financial plans begin and end with the product. Your plan needs to begin and end with what matters most: you.

Create Choices

Knowing more about you and your circumstances, I research and create different financial plans for your perusal.


My expert advice and experience will leave you making informed decisions. You choose the plan that best suits you.

Review & Enhance

Your financial plan needs to be as flexible as the all the changes life brings. I review and enhance your plan as needed.

We make many decisions every day. Most of them are quite simple. Financial decisions, on the other hand, can be complicated and have long-term consequences on our future.

A personal financial planner can guide you on an individual level and create a comprehensive plan that will not only enhance the quality of your life but also meet your goals and reduce all uncertainties about your future needs through proper resource management.

The process of personal financial planning starts with me establishing a relationship with you as our client. I get to know you and explore your needs by determining your current income, savings, living expenses, taxes, investments, insurance, retirement funds and debts. Your monetary values and goals form the foundation from which we differentiate your needs from your wants.

With the information that you provide, I evaluate your financial status and develop a few action plans tailored to your lifestyle. Whether your goal is to create a savings account for that special overseas trip or investing a percentage of your income so you can retire comfortably one day, I create choices for you and find ways to make it achievable. I also explain the different challenges and risks you may face over the short, medium and long term.

Life happens when it happens, not when we choose it to occur.

My recommendations and alternatives will allow you to make an informed decision on where your money needs to go to reach the level of wealth you will need at specific moments in your life. I ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the solutions available to you so
you can choose the action plan that best suits you. As soon as I implement your financial plan and you achieve your short-term goals, the rest will follow and fall into place.

I monitor your financial plan against the economic environment carefully, ensuring we meet your goals as discussed in the initial stages. However, financial planning is a dynamic process. As your circumstances change and evolve, it will become increasingly essential to review and enhance your plan to adapt to the changes in the market on your wealth.

If you are serious about your future and want to embark on a long-term partnership to reach your financial goals, then contact Emile Botha Financial Planning today.



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